Recycling Industry – Where next?

Installing, maintaining and customising the machinery that drives UK manufacturing and recycling is bread and butter to Boss Fabrication.

The Recycling Roadmap produced late last year by the British Plastics Federation (BPF) reinforces huge opportunities for the UK plastics recycling industry as companies are incentivised to use more recycled content in their products.

And with specific expertise in the equipment that is driving the fast-growing plastics recycling sector, Boss is well placed to help recycling operations develop capacity to take advantage of the anticipated 3.5 times increase in reprocessing anticipated by the BPF.

From optimising the efficiency of individual lines to sourcing additional granulation and extrusion machinery, the team at Boss can help recycling businesses to design, source and install the capacity to take full advantage of the push towards a circular economy. And, of course, we offer planned preventative maintenance programmes too.

With sourcing, fabrication, electrical and mechanical expertise supported by highly effective project management services, talk to Boss on 01354 461086 or mail