Relocation of 2 x Granulators

A large plastics business in Whittlesey needed to 2 granulator relocations within the same site to make room for finished goods and approached Boss Fabrication to help them plan and implement the move with minimum of downtime to their busy operation.

This was a large project that required staff from our mechanical, fabrication and electrical divisions, as well as the skilled project management Boss offers.

Granulator Relocation Implementation

Come the move, we turned off the machinery at 3pm on the Friday afternoon and set to work to complete the granulator relocation over the course of a single weekend to avoid lost production. The machinery was all moved and recommissioned in time, so when it was switched back on first thing Monday morning, everything started up without a hitch.

If your business needs a reliable mechanical, electrical or fabrication partner to help plan and facilitate efficient machinery moves, then email and tell us about what you need – you can also call us on 01354 461086.